Cohort 02 Bidon


Cohort 02, entitled “Mother Knows Best,” is an ode to Earth’s infinite wisdom – celebrating nature for its knowledge and applying its teachings to inform solutions and a life in tune with one’s self and environment. 

Designed in collaboration with multi-disciplinary artist Jacob Rochester, our transparent bidon depicts graphical elements from Cohort 02’s jersey designs to visually capture the ethos of “Mother Knows Best.”

Cohort 02’s hero lockup, “Mother Knows Best,” is complemented by technical illustrations of a butterfly and globe on the body of the bidon. This Tacx Shiva bidon features a traditional pull valve for reliability and is constructed from a soft, BPA-free recyclable sugarcane based plastic for a soft and easy squeeze. During the growth process of sugarcane, the crop seizes harmful CO2 emissions out of our air.

  • 500 mL
  • 100% recyclable sugarcane 
  • BPA and PTE free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in the Netherlands
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Cohort 02 Bidon
Cohort 02 Bidon
Cohort 02 Bidon